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Microfluidics, ICTs
Dr. Mario Medugno received his Laurea degree in Physics from University of Naples (a.a. 86-87). Contract researcher of National Research Council (C.N.R.) for the Center for research on Parallel computers and Supercomputing (‘89-‘99) at the Departments of Computer and Systems Science (D.I.S.), Mathematics and Applications of University of Naples, and the Institute for Territorial Planning and Management ('00-'03), since 2001 he holds a C.N.R. researcher position. He collaborated with D.I.S. and D.I.I.E. of University of Salerno on I.C.T. scientific activities and projects. His professional experience includes: consultant in electronics and electromagnetic field monitoring, several I.C.T. teaching courses as informatics, languages for computer programming in UNIX and Windows environments, computer networking, systems theory, geographical information systems. Lecturer at University of Naples Parthenope (‘02-‘05) of the ordinary Degree courses “Radio communication Systems” and “Radar and Radio aids to Navigation” . Since ’03 he joined the lnstitute for Microelectronics and Microsystems (I.M.M.) unit of Naples, and is responsible for the I.M.M. Electronic Devices Characterization Laboratory. Dr. Medugno research and experimental activities develop in the module CNR.MD.P9.6.2 “Microsensors and optical sensing systems” of the active order “Silicon and compatible technologies microsystems”. Responsible for the laboratory “Characterization of electronic devices” since 2004, and responsible for the laboratory “Production of Photomasks” since 2015. His research interests include the area of integrated optical and microfluidics devices for physical and biosensing systems.
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Scientific Productions

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Lucio Ciccarelli, Mario Medugno, Ivo Rendina

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