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We report on phenomena observed in planar integrated networks obtained connecting superconducting island by Josephson tunnel junctions. These networks, identifiable as tree-like graphs, have branches consisting of series arrays of Josephson junctions which can be individually current biased and characterized. Both Josephson supercurrents and gap parameters of the arrays embedded in the graph structures display properties significantly different from those of reference arrays fabricated on the same chips and having identical geometrical shape. The temperature and magnetic field dependencies of the Josephson current of the embedded arrays both show a singular behavior when a critical value is reached by the Josephson characteristic energy. The gap parameter of the junctions generating the embedded arrays is higher than that of the junctions forming the reference geometrical arrays.
Publication date: 
27 Jan 2020

M Lucci, D Cassi, V Merlo, R Russo, G Salina, M Cirillo

Biblio References: 
arXiv preprint arXiv:2001.09833