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Just like any other field of human knowledge application, also Medicine is going Nano. The keywords announcing the dawn of a new era in the general area of healthcare are personalized therapies, point of care, Nano vectors, microneedles, theranostics. These innovative instruments will fight against old and new plagues, such as silent cancers, cardio-pathologies, degenerative diseases, resistant infections. The new weapons available to medical doctors are the result of highly interdisciplinary collaborations between biologist, chemists, physicists and engineers, stating the supremacy of cross fertilization of culture over isolated box of expertise.Introduction Modern approach to healthcare is largely mediated by economic factors since public health budget is in constant growth in all the Western nations. The aging of the population also increases the minimum needs and the hospital admissions rate [1]. Many possible solutions have been proposed to face this big problem from every possible side: for example, food awareness campaigns, mass vaccinations, diagnostic screening by age group. Every large scale initiative sees its effectiveness greatly reduced by the intrinsic limits of traditional medicine, based almost exclusively on clinical practice supported by statistical studies and on pharmacological chemistry [2]. The next revolution in medicine, and more generally speaking in healthcare, will come from innovative technologies acquired from very different field of applications, such as large electronic consumer and telecommunication, and adapted to specific problems [3]. In particular, micro-and nanotechnologies, ie systems and devices having …
Publication date: 
4 Feb 2019

L De Stefano, I Rea, P Dardano, M Balestrieri, G Palmieri, B Agrillo, M Terracciano, M Battisti, A Cammarano, L Nicolais

Biblio References: 
Volume: 14 Issue: 4