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In this work, we report on the first demonstration of Lab on Fiber (LOF) dosimeter for ionizing radiation monitoring at ultra-high doses. The new dosimeter consists in a metallo-dielectric resonator at sub-wavelength scale supporting localized surface plasmon resonances realized on the optical fiber (OF) tip. The resonating structure involves two gold gratings separated by a templated dielectric layer of poly (methyl methacrylate)(PMMA). Two LOF prototypes have been manufactured and exposed at the IRRAD Proton Facility at CERN in Geneva to 23 GeV protons for a total fluence of 0.67× 10 16 protons/cm 2, corresponding to an absorbed dose of 1.8 MGy. Experimental data demonstrated the “radiation resistance” feature of the LOF devices and a clear dependence of the reflected spectrum versus the total dose, expressed by a cumulative blue-shift of~ 1.4 nm of the resonance combined with a slight increase of 0.16 …
Nature Publishing Group
Publication date: 
14 Dec 2018

Giuseppe Quero, Patrizio Vaiano, Francesco Fienga, Martino Giaquinto, Valentina Di Meo, Georgi Gorine, Pierluigi Casolaro, Luigi Campajola, Giovanni Breglio, Alessio Crescitelli, Emanuela Esposito, Armando Ricciardi, Antonello Cutolo, Federico Ravotti, Salvatore Buontempo, Marco Consales, Andrea Cusano

Biblio References: 
Volume: 8 Issue: 1 Pages: 17841
Scientific Reports