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The accurate segmentation of the optic disc (OD) offers an important cue to extract other retinal features in an automated diagnostic system, which in turn will assist ophthalmologists to track many retinopathy conditions such as glaucoma. Research contributions regarding the OD segmentation is on the rise, since the design of a robust automated system would help prevent blindness, for instance, by diagnosing glaucoma at an early stage and a condition known as ocular hypertension. Among the evaluated OD segmentation schemes, the active contour models (ACMs) have often been preferred by researchers, because ACMs are endowed with several attractive properties. To this end, we designed an OD segmentation scheme to infer how the performance of the well-known gradient vector flow (GVF) model compares with nine popular/recent ACM algorithms by supplying them with the initial OD contour derived …
Publication date: 
1 Apr 2015

M Caroline Viola Stella Mary, Elijah Blessing Rajsingh, J Kishore Kumar Jacob, D Anandhi, Umberto Amato, S Easter Selvan

Biblio References: 
Volume: 18 Pages: 19-29
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control