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We describe the present status of research and development of superconducting niobium layers' generation by using UHV are method in INFN Roma Tor Vergata carried out as a realization of the Work Package 4 (thin Film Cavity Production) of the Joint Research Activity (JRA-1) in a frame of the Coordinated Accelerator Research in Europe (CARE) project. The paper contains descriptions of two coating stands of planar are geometry: a device for coating sapphire and glass substrates and a stand destined for niobium deposition on the inner surfaces of 1.3 GHz RF cavities with celi geometry used in TTF and X-FEL accelerating structures. The surface layers reached in different deposition conditions are characterized for their microstructures and static superconducting parameters. They are compared with bulk niobium features and with niobium layers obtained at CERN by using sputtering method within the previous decade.
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2009

J Lorkiewicz, R Nietubyć, MJ Sadowski, D Di Giovenale, L Catani, A Cianchi, S Tazzari, R Polini, R Russo

Biblio References: 
Volume: 50 Issue: 1 Pages: 110-112
Elektronika: konstrukcje, technologie, zastosowania