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In this work we have investigated the photoluminescence signal emitted by graphene oxide (GO) nanosheets infiltrated in silanized porous silicon (PSi) matrix. We have demonstrated that a strong enhancement of the PL emitted from GO by a factor of almost 2.5 with respect to GO on crystalline silicon can be experimentally measured. This enhancement has been attributed to the high PSi specific area. In addition, we have observed a weak wavelength modulation of GO photoluminescence emission, this characteristic is very attractive and opens new perspectives for GO exploitation in innovative optoelectronic devices and high sensible fluorescent sensors.
International Society for Optics and Photonics
Publication date: 
1 May 2015

M Casalino, I Rea, L Sansone, M Terracciano, L De Stefano, G Coppola, P Dardano, M Giordano, A Borriello, Ivo Rendina

Biblio References: 
Volume: 9516 Pages: 95160V
Integrated Optics: Physics and Simulations II