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In this work a complete and dedicated technology platform for all-organic electronic applications with micron and sub-micron feature-size is proposed. Both the organic technology and the design tools have been developed by considering organic materials to be deposited by solution techniques. The complete process flow has been defined in order to realize multilayered functional structures as all-organic active and passive devices. Feature sizes ranging from 50 nm up to 10 mum can be achieved according to the adopted solution processing techniques. The technology platform comprises also the CAD tools required for the design and realization of the all-organic devices.
Publication date: 
17 Aug 2008

M La Rosa, G Coppola, P Dardano, N Malagnino, A Marcellino, D Nicolosi, L Occhipinti, F Porro, I Rendina, G Sicurella, R Vecchione, E Umana

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Pages: 1-6
PORTABLE-POLYTRONIC 2008-2nd IEEE International Interdisciplinary Conference on Portable Information Devices and the 2008 7th IEEE Conference on Polymers and Adhesives in Microelectronics and Photonics