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This paper presents experimental and numerical analyses of a novel high-temperature solar cooling system based on innovative flat-plate evacuated solar thermal collectors (SC). This is the first solar cooling system, including a double-effect absorption chiller, which is based on non-concentrating solar thermal collectors. The aim of the paper is prove the technical and economic feasibility of the system, also presenting a comparison with a conventional technology, based on concentrating solar thermal collectors. To this scope, an experimental setup has been installed in Saudi Arabia. Here, several measurement devices are installed in order to monitor and control all the thermodynamic parameters of the system. The paper presents some of the main results of this experimental campaign, showing temperatures, powers, energies and efficiencies for a selected period. Experimental results showed that collector peak …
Publication date: 
1 Feb 2016

Annamaria Buonomano, Francesco Calise, Massimo Dentice d’Accadia, Gabriele Ferruzzi, Sabrina Frascogna, Adolfo Palombo, Roberto Russo, Marco Scarpellino

Biblio References: 
Volume: 109 Pages: 19-39
Energy Conversion and Management