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Volume Holographic Optical Elements (V-HOEs), such as holographic gratings and spherical lenses, are designed and fabricated by using a prototype of photopolymer. The recording process of V-HOEs and their appropriate characterization have been developed. It is important to underline that volume holography is actually considered desirable for various applications. With this aim, we are investigating different V-HOEs possible applications in different fields. In particular, as:

- Solar concentrators: we are trying to realize a system that allows passive solar tracking. As a consequence, with the perspective of new generation solar panel development, the use of V-HOEs could lead to a very competitive system.

Flat optical elements: VHOEs enable the possibility to realize flat and compact optical elements (such as: beam splitter, spherical and cylindrical lens, filter, microlens array) on either rigid (e.g. glass) or flexible (e.g. PET) substrates easily integrable in compact systems.