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The IMM – Naples Micro/nano Fabrication Clean Room is a multidisciplinary facility dedicated to research and development of nanotechnology, bio-sensing applications, photonic and microelectronic devices. 

It’s a 200 sqm ISO 5 / 6 Clean Room equipped with the main technologies for micro and nano scale devices fabrication. Inside it is present an ultra-pure water system, a chemical storage box, a semiconductor grade Gas N2 and vacuum distribution system. Outsise, in the external thecnical room, there are the ultra pure gas boxes, a bi-osmotic water production system and a water cooling system to service all the technological systems inside the Clean Room.

This laboratory supports the research activities of the IMM – Naples scientific group, allows the scientific collaboration with international high-tech industries and houses Ph.D students and Post-Doc from the most important national and international universities.

The Clean Room is organized in 5 different technological areas, each dedicated to a specific processing applications.



This area is dedicated to thin film synthesis and includes the main technologies for the deposition of III-V semiconductors, dielectric and metallic materials, for thermal growth and annealing and in general for samples and devices fabrication. It is equipped with a range of technologies such as two different PECVD systems, a four cathode Sputtering System, Thermal and e-Beam evaporator. This area also include equipments for Rapid Thermal Annealing and Silicon Oxidation. 
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This technological area is mainly dedicated to etching processes, wet and dry, of the materials. The dry etching equipment includes two different RIE system, an HV ICP-RIE for high aspect ratio etching and a RIE system for standard etching processes and for surface treatment. This laboratory is utilized also for the pre-processing substrate cleaning, with wet chemical benches for standard RCA procedure and/or for post-processing wet chemical etching. This lab includes also a cell for electrochemical etching of silicon dedicated to porous silicon fabrication and a flow laminar bench for the fabrication of microfluidic chips PDMS based

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The Laboratory is an ISO 5 clean room that includes facilities for Photolithography processes.
The fabrication set consists in a Mask Aligner, with Bottom Side Alignment option and a maximum resolution of 1 μm in i-line exposure,  an automatized coating system, with spin coater and hot plate, and a vertical laminar flow wet bench for developing steps.
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In the CNR Area 3 Pozzuoli (Na) is located the Electron-Beam NanoLithography Laboratory. It’s a ISO 5 clean room and includes a Scanning Electron Beam Lithography System , RAITH 150 (the system is a joint property between IMM-Na and ISASI-CNR). The laboratory includes also a Laser Pattern generator for optical lithography and a customized (patented) optical fiber spin coater. 
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